Our Homeschool Room: The Bookshelves

I could probably spend weeks in our homeschool room just tweaking all the books ha! There’s plenty left to organize, but at least they’re unpacked! I had no idea what I was going to do with our book stash when we moved (you might recall our built in desks/bookshelves we had in our last home) – but thankfully my mom had some bookcases she was no longer using that fit just perfectly in our little homeschool room! 🙌🏼📚 The kids are sooo excited to have access to all their books again… even if they’re not yet as perfectly arranged as their mama would like 😅



One of my favorite parts about this area of our homeschool room is all of the souvenirs from various places around the world. Some are from places we’ve been to ourselves, and others were brought to us by friends and family. 🧳🗺

It’s really strange to think that something as *simple* as a virus could shut down everyone’s ability to travel freely (and that’s even down the street, let alone across the ocean…). I’m grateful for our leaders who are doing their best to try and make decisions to protect and serve thousands if not millions of people that could be potentially affected by this.

Everyone has their own opinion about the seriousness of this global pandemic, and how our governments should be handling it. It can be easy to sit at home behind our screens and respond in anger and indignation when a decision is made that we don’t agree with.



I would just like to encourage everyone to show a little more grace:

To our leaders faced with making decisions about public safety and long term financial consequences during unprecedented circumstances,

To our friends/family/neighbors who might disagree abut how much *social distancing* is actually needed. Or who might be under immense stress because of how this has flipped their life upside down,

To our healthcare workers who are putting themselves and potentially their families at risk to help with the increased demand and scared population,

To our kiddos who are absolutely absorbing all stress and emotions of this whole thing and might be acting a fool because of it…

This list could could on and on, but I guess the point I’m trying to make in this rambling post is to just focus on what you can actually do: Stay home if you can. Be kind. Show grace. Pray for those struggling around you (including our leaders.) And of course, wash your dang hands 👏🏼